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Cargo lift

EmssRobot 11T

Expanded Size: 1162*561*1040mm
Folded Size: 1162*561*393mm
Packing Size: 1240*370*590mm
Net Weight: 65KG
Gross Weight: 82KG
Maximum Load-Bearing Capacity: 350KG
Platform Size: 550*900mm
Platform Lifting Height: NO
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EmssRobot Powered Stair Climber -11T

Technical Parameters

Forward Speed (load)-----------------------0.2m/s                                                             

Retreat Speed (load)-------------------------0.2m/s

Battery Voltage And Capacity-------------24V / 15.6AH

Motor Power/Voltage/Speed---------------200W / 24V / 3000

Motor Type---------------------------------------Brushless Motor

Motor Quantity----------------------------------2

Charger Parameter Input--------------------Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 2.0A 

                                                                  Output: 29.4V, 2.0A

Charging Time----------------------------------7.8 hours

Battery Life--------------------------------------Charge And Discharge 600-700 Times

Usage Time After Fully Charge-----------40 Minutes (30 Floor up and down)


EmssRobot 11T


   Design Style of Large Platform Lifting

   Suitable For Logistics Transportation Of Large Equipment Such As Furniture 

   And Goods Lift 

EmssRobot 11T

   EMSS-Control System

   Brand new LED switch control panel equipped with LED lighting, power display ...

   EMSS-Tie rod adjustment system 

   Easy-to-operate knob adjusts drawbar length

   EMSS-Track Safety 

   Longer and wider tracks make contact with stairs safer

   EMSS-Electro-Hydraulic Rod 

   Strong pressure can carry greater weight

EmssRobot 11T


   The CNC cutting platform made ofaluminum alloy is more stable and sturdy

   EMSS-Battery Safety

   The application ofremovable pluggablelithium battery is more safe and waterproof(MSDS certificate)

   EMSS-Motor Safety

   Safe and reliable brushless motor isquieter and more comfortable

   EMSS-Track adjuster

   Unique design makes it easier toadjust the track

EmssRobot 11T

   EMSS-convenient folding

   Easy to fold and put in the trunk of yourvehicle (for outdoor use)

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